For Sellers

We’ve the marketing plan designed to sell your home

  • For The Highest Price
  • In The Shortest Time
  • With The Fewest Problems!

But… what you’ll receive when your hire us is best said by our clients! So… just click to our seller testimonial letters site to see what they said!Discover the proven marketing program which results in your home for the most money possible. Email us for information on our marketing plan

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When you hire us, you’ll profit from our unique “High Tech” and “High Touch” marketing plan. It results in excellent sales prices for our sellers… and gives you the personal service they deserve!

The balance is essential – high tech expertise without personal service isn’t sufficient. Personal service without expertise is of no value. Blend the two of them together, though, and you receive the excellent service you deserve.

You’ll benefit from our extraordinary local, MLS and Internet Marketing program, which is designed to:

  • Identify the best ways to get your home show ready (staged)
  • Effectively marketing your home to hundreds of local Realtors, who are working with clients who are looking for wonderful homes
  • Market your home to buyers in numerous ways – the neighborhood (people who live on your street often know others who want to live on their street), the public (through widely publicized open houses), and world wide 
  • Excite buyers into seeing your home with an extraordinary web site with well written copy, extensive photo porfiolio, map to show them how to find your home, a full set of digitized disclosures, reports, and a full color, attractive flyer

Our presentation covers:

  • Staging, preparations, communications….
  • Staging and preparing your fine home to sell for top dollar
  • Exclusive Seller Agency – how we protect your interests
  • Email, phone, fax…how do you prefer we communicate?
  • What to expect and when… a detailed timeline
  • Our 8 magic words made $50,000 for Marc Adkinson and William Walker
  • Pricing your home strategically… how to sell for the highest price
  • Commissions… the optimal amount to invest
  • Selling “By Owner?
  • Comparing different Realtors

Our Marketing Program

  • Our personal marketing budget – over $2,000/month!
  • Marketing your home to buyers so they want your home
  • Targeting local Realtors whose buyer wants your home
  • Networking nationwide for buyers
  • Open Houses for Realtors…and also for the public
  • How our technology expertise works for you

Internet Marketing

  • Our extraordinary and search engine placement which guarantees your home is found on the internet
  • Your home’s exclusive custom web site… photo virtual tour, selling the sizzle, maps, flyers, and more
  • Worldwide Relocation